Houston Arts Alliance

George Bush Intercontinental Airport Gateway Artwork

Artist: Dennis Oppenheim (New York, NY)
Title: Radiant Fountains
Estimated Completion Date: Summer 2010
Medium: Stainless steel pipes, globes, cable system, LED lights and light controllers
Size: Three elements, 60' x 40' x 40'
Funding Source: Percent for Art – City of Houston, Houston Airport System
Location: JFK Boulevard, north of Rankin Road
Council District B

This dynamic work establishes a vibrant and forceful presence for George Bush Intercontinental Airport, both on land and in the air. For those leaving the airport, this iconic display exudes the energy and vibrancy that awaits visitors as they enter the vast city of Houston. The work also offers an eye-catching brilliance for those who are taking their first or last glimpse of Houston from the air.

Through the use of thousands of environmentally sensitive LED lights, dramatic cascades of light droplets fall through the center of each column as powerful illuminated bursts radiate upward along the outer wall. The rhythmic action mimics the downward plunge of a water drop, followed by an upward splash to create a universal structure of enormous presence.




Radiant Fountains by Dennis Oppenheim